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Introduction of Jilin University Museum

  Jilin University Museum is a business unit under the direct control of Jilin University, and it has two branch museums and a dinosaur research center: Geological Museum, Museum of Archaeology and Art, Dinosaur Evolution Research Center of Jilin University. The museum enjoys its international reputation for its rich storage and unique design. It is one of famous universities museums in China even in Asia.
  The museum adheres to the policy of “scientific research, teaching, and science popularizing”. It has a complete range of specimens of rocks, ores and fossils, a rich collection of cultural relics and archaeological specimens as well as the abundant accumulation of relative geological and archaeological materials. The museum has more than fifty thousand exhibits from all parts of China and over thirty countries and areas in the world. These treasures including the most complete Hadrosaur fossil in the northeast - Charonosaurus Jiayinensis, the first unearthed dinosaur skeleton fossil in Jilin province – Changchunsaurus, the oracle bones and bronzes in Shang Dynasty, and the Seal of Yuefei in the Southern Song Dynasty. The world-class level micropaleontological fossil repair laboratory was established in the museum, and the fossil repair level is in the leading position in China. As the professional venues established under the support of Jilin University, its scientific research and international communication are rather frequent, especially the recent research of the cretaceous vertebrates fauna in central Jilin, which has achieved a series of influential research achievements both domestically and overseas.
  Furthermore, Jilin University Museum is “The Education Base of Science and Technology for Chinese Teenagers”, “The Education Base of National Science Popularization”, “The Science Popularization Base of Land Resources”, “Jilin Province Patriotism Education Base”, “Changchun City Patriotism Education Base”, “The State Advanced Group of Science Popularization” and “The National AA level tourist attractions”. The museum is an important place not only to spread the scientific and cultural knowledge, but also to promote patriotism to the public.




Museum of Geological


Museum of Archaeology and Art


Opening Hours: 8:30 am.- 4:30 pm.
Address:938 Ximinzhu Street, Changchun 130061 P.R.CHINA
Tel:+86-431-88502099 Fax:+86-431-88502476
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